Big Bear Rental & Cleaning Service

Lake of the Ozarks


​Each unit is supplied two towels per guest (based on the max occupancy of each room). Additional towels can be requested during your stay for  $10.00 per exchange.  Towels are for use in the room only.  Do not take them to the pool, swim dock or beach.  

Deposit & Cancellations

The deposit required is half of your stay, if you stay four nights you must pay for two nights, two night stays require one nights deposit.  The deposit is a guarantee of the complete reservation for both the guest and Big Bear.  

If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to your stay your deposit will be refunded if the entire reservation is re-rented, minus a 10% cancellation fee. 

If you cancel all or part of your reservation within 30 days of your stay you forfeit your deposit and will be charged for the entire duration of the reserved stay except for the nights the room(s) is re-rented.  We understand this is an aggressive policy but we are a small resort with a limited number or rooms relying on this revenue for our livelihood and we cannot afford to "hold" rooms for you that we could  have rented to somebody else only to end up with empty room-nights.  We promise to hold the room for you, in exchange for your promise to keep your reservation.


Reservations can made for any year (including future years) at anytime of the year.   Deposits are due at the time of the reservation regardless of when the stay is due to occur. We do not hold any rooms without the deposit being paid for any reason.,

Gas Grill

Gas grills with propane are provided. 

Early Check In/Check Out 

We don't allow early check-in without prior approval, subject to availability and a $20 early check in fee.  Late checkout only available with prior approval, subject to availability and $20 fee.